My Uni Student Box Terms & Conditions, Website rules


• Only users 18 and over are allowed to use our site, MyUniStudentBox reserves the right to, limit and or deactivate account of users who violate these terms

• Only students are allowed to use our site - Only students who are at University are allowed to use our website, student are still permitted to use our website ONE year after graduation, after then, accounts will be deactivated

• Only one account per person is allowed, to remain keeping the website only for students, only one account per person is allowed, we will restrict access to your account if more than one is being used. Only use one

• No abusive language - Do not use abusive of offensive language towards other users

• English language only

• Only post items you actually have - for example posting an ad of an item that you have pre-ordered

• No selling ‘Not Allowed’ items

• Clear photos - Only post clear and accurate items, we will ask you to take them down if we find that they are not clear, has contact details attached to them or you’re lying about what you’re selling

• No spam

• One item per ad and one ad per item

• Abide by the listing rules

Terms & Conditions


Welcome to MyUniStudentBox, also in some cases abbreviated as MUSB, MyUniStudentBox is a market place for student’s only allowing users to buy and sell nearly absolutely anything. These terms of use are a legally binding contract between you and MyUniStudentBox, You accept these terms by clicking the “join us” button when registering an account with MyUniStudentBox and also by using MyUniStudentBox website, application and tools. MyUniStudentBox does not own and or in possession of any of the items listed or sold through MyUniStudentBox, MyUniStudentBox does not take part or have any involvement in transactions between Buyers & Sellers, Contract of sale is purely between the Buyer & Seller. MyUniStudentBox cannot guarantee the quality, safety, existence of items advertised, the accuracy of user listing and content, and the ability that a Buyer will pay for items, and or a buyer or seller will complete a transaction, and or return an item.

Using My Uni Student Box

By using our website, services and application tools you agree that you will not:

• Violate any of the MyUniStudentBox rules

• Infringe any third-party rights;

• Sell any counterfeit items or infringe any trademark, copy right of any third-parties

• Violate or abuse any laws

• Violate any listing rules

• Post any obscene, abusive, threatening or indecent material on our website

• Use any spiders, robots or material that could be used to infiltrate our database and or collect data without our written permission

• Try to bypass our measures used to prevent access to MyUniStudentBox

• Distribute any viruses and or any other form of technology that could harm MyUniStudentBox or the property of MyUniStudentBox users

• Post any misleading or false material

• Try and copy or modify our trademarks or content from our services

• Copy or modify or distribute a user’s information without their consent

• Distribute any chain letters, spam or set up any pyramid schemes;

By agreeing to these terms of use you are agreeing that you’re solely responsible for the content and information that you post and you are responsible for any consequences that may result from your post. MyUniStudentBox reserves the right and at our discretion to either remove and or refuse content that we feel is either inappropriate or breaching the terms above. We also reserve the right at our discretion to permanently or temporally, or refuse registration. MyUniStudentBox will also at our discretion warn other users of you and exercise caution if we feel that you’re behaving suspiciously.

Abusing My Uni Student Box

Without limiting remedies, MyUniStudentBox, in cases may limit, suspend, terminate services, issue warnings, remove user content and also use technical and legal steps to keep users off MyUniStudentBox if we feel that they are violating the terms above, causing problems for employees and users of MyUniStudentBox, infringing the rights of third-parties and or acting hostile to the letter or spirit of our policies and if we feel that such restrictions will improve the MyUniStudentBox community.


At all times MyUniStudentBox will always try to make sure that MUSB is safe to use, and functioning properly, however some delays and functional problem may occur that are beyond MyUniStudentBox control. Although MUSB will its best intentions to make sure that MUSB Is error-free, we cannot guarantee this and we do not give any warranties or promises about the availability of our site. MyUniStudentBox in no circumstances accepts the liability of any wording or description within any post that is unlawful, threatening, abusive, obscene, and indecent or any material that violate or infringes any third party rights. As most listings and content on MyUniStudentBox are posted by other users we cannot guarantee that posts will be accurate, we also cannot guarantee the safety, legality or communications of users of what is offered.